Guide to Australian Online Casinos

Australian Online Casinos

We gave our Australian review team the exhaustive task of evaluating some of the best online casinos catering to Australians. The team has over 20 years of experience in the online gambling industry. This and the fact that they have a passion for everything gambling ensures that every gambling site mentioned in the listing below and the order in which they are ranked is backed by solid reasoning. The top ranking Australian online casinos are the most reputable, the safest and they offer an array of options from which players can choose.

The no. 1 rated web-site by our experts is Spin Palace Casino.

Every Australian casino was very carefully checked and verified, we even played at these casinos to ensure that they met our very stringent criteria.

How we tested each casino to arrive at the very best?

Australian Online Gambling Review

Australia or “Aussie” is famous for its great beauty and its growing number of online casinos. Suffice to say that Australians love their “pokies”. However, their sheer love for these “pokies” as they are called has resulted in a growing number of online casinos which are based in “Aussie” and cater to an Australian audience. That said this growing number of online casinos have made finding the very best for people difficult. Sorting the good from the bad has become tricky which is why we have put our very best Australian gamblers to the task of evaluating each and every casino and rank them in descending order. Below is a look at a few points we have strongly emphasize on during our evaluation.

Variety of games – Australians love online casinos which offer them numerous games from which they can choose from. This is why some of our top listed casino sites offer the most variety which should keep the majority of Australian players busy for a long time.

Welcome bonuses – Every casino on our list offers signup or welcome bonuses as they are called. However, the ones on the top offer the best deal. These are for all intents and purposes the most generous sites when it comes to welcome bonuses.

Regular promotions – All Australian online casinos on our list offer special deposit bonuses and tournaments which are bound to keep you entertained for a long time.

Hot Jackpots – Every Australian on these sites expects to win money so big that it will change their lives. So, we have ensured that our top ranking websites are those that offer huge jackpots.

Security – We tested all casinos to ensure that they are independently audited and are strictly regulated. In addition we made sure that they use the best encryption software to ensure that your data is always safe from prying eyes. So, you can play knowing that nobody is watching or trying to hack your identity.

Deposit methods – Every site we have reviewed offers an array of withdrawal and payment methods to choose from. All the Aussie casinos allow you to play in AUD, and your winnings are deposited in your native currency as well.

Customer Support – Our top ranking online casinos offer around the clock customer service. So, regardless of the problem you face and when you face it, getting it fixed is no problem.

Common questions about Australian online casinos

Australian Gambling FAQs

Are online casinos (online gambling) in Australia legal?

In June of 2001 the Australian government enacted the ‘Interactive Gambling Act of 2001′. The act protects Australians from the harmful effects of online gambling. However, it is not an offence for locals to play online games like poker on sites which are located overseas.

How do I know these casinos are safe?

We have listed online casinos who only adhere to the highest of standards and those who subject their systems to independent security audits. Also, safety is guaranteed by the fact that they are strictly regulated in the regions where they are based.

What is the payout percentage?

Payout percentages are what you’ll end up getting after the casino site deducts its own charges. We have ranked sites which offer the largest payout percentages, some over 90%. So, you get paid the most when you choose the highest ranking casinos on our list.

How do I withdraw or deposit money into these casinos?

Australian online casinos offer an array of payment options like e-wallet, credit cards and debit cards. Some sites also accept Paypal. You can add and withdraw money in AUD.

Is gambling with real money mandatory?

It is not mandatory that you gamble or play pokies with real money. All games or most games on these sites can be played with virtual money and for free. This will help you develop strategies prior to playing with real money. We have also ranked a number of ‘no deposit casinos’ which for all intents and purposes gives players access to play with free money and with no deposit. However, it is only when you play with real money that you win real money!

How can a bonus be claimed?

All the top casinos on our list offer a welcome bonus which is credited to your account when you add a certain figure or play a certain figure value at the site. However, this money cannot be immediately withdrawn at sites that offer you an immediate bonus on adding real money, you will need to gamble a given amount prior to being eligible to withdraw. That said these bonuses allow you to play a lot more by significantly increasing the value of your money.

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