Online Casino Games Guide for Newbies

Online Casino Games

Our top rated online casinos offer the largest selection of the most popular games. These games include classics like roulette, video poker, blackjack, baccarat and numerous others from which to choose from. Every game can easily be accessed with just a couple of mouse clicks but the potential rewards are huge!

Our in house gaming experts have combed through what may amount to be hundreds if not thousands of online casino games to bring you the very best. The intent of our guide to the best is to make it easier for you play the very best games without having to waste time on researching or spending money on trial and error.

Online Casino games

SlotsOnline Slots

Online slots are a lot like regular slot machines, all you need to do is to pull the lever and every time all the symbols line up you hit the jackpot. There are numerous variations of the game being offered by many online casinos. This is no doubt the world’s all time favorite and the easiest game to play. The game for all intents and purposes offers regular people a chance to win lots of money with massive progressive jackpots on offer.



CrapsCraps Online

It’s all about luck and timing when you play Craps. Try your luck at attempting to win thousands of dollars with a roll of a dice. There are various versions of this all time online favorite which are bound to keep fans busy for a long time.




RouletteOnline Roulette

A spin of the wheel is all it takes to make your rich. Roulette is as simple as spinning the wheel and watch the ball land in the right pocket. This game started out and still is a hit at regular casinos today. On the internet it is available in numerous versions, the most exciting of which are French, American and European roulette. Spinning that wheel just never becomes boring.




Video PokerVideo Poker Online

It is time to shuffle those cards and deal a couple of hands as you try your luck at online video poker. A must play for all poker fans, and especially those who love to gamble with skill.




KenoKeno Online

Keno is extremely easy to learn and playing a few games takes just a couple of minutes. This is a lottery type game and is a solid favorite with people who play at online casinos.




BlackjackBlackjack Online

Blackjack is perhaps one of the most popular card games in the world which has now also become a hot digital favorite. The game is now available in a number of variants and is bound to keep you entertained for a very long time. Plus like all other games you stand to win real money!




BaccaratBaccarat Online

This is a very sophisticated game yet it is extremely simple to learn. Even people who have no prior gambling experience will learn the game in no time. Then there is also the fact that varying pre defined limits allows for everyone to enjoy the occasional gamble. This was once a game only favored by royalty in Europe.




Pai Gow Pai Gow Poker Online

This is a two handed poker game played against a dealer. The game is a variant of what is currently called Chinese dominoes. However, the game offers an exciting mix of skill and luck.




PokerPoker Online

Poker is perhaps one of the most popular online gaming games today. The game combines a unique mix of skill and experience with the necessity of luck to win. There are various types of poker and there are numerous strategies which have been used over the years by well known poker players to improve their chances of winning.

Final Word

We have listed, ranked and discussed some of the most popular online casino games in the world. Our team has made finding and making sense of these games for a newbie increasingly simple with a host of FAQs, guides and reviews of the various popular games that people love to play. In addition, our expertly written guides provide some insight into the etiquette and jargon associated with every game, so that you in fact hit the ground running even if you have not played any of these games before.

We have put together dozens of pages which detail various betting techniques and various playing strategies for each game. Each of these methods have been tried and tested throughout the years we have used them and have proven to be effective. This helps people maximize their edge every time they play against the house or other players (in the case of poker). Even some of the most experienced online and offline casino gamblers are bound to find something interesting and new which will help them further improve their game to a whole new level.

We have also detailed the rules of every game as well as the intricacies of the more complex games that you may aspire to play. In addition, we outline some of the most common variants and how they differ from their original counterparts. Understanding all these games in depth gives players a certain degree of edge over the house and other players, which helps them win big time.

FAQ’sOnline Casinos FAQ

How to play mobile casino games?

If you want to play mobile casino games or online casino games on your cell phone there are numerous apps out there. You can either choose company specific apps like Microgaming’s Android and iPhone app which gives you access to many of Microgaming’s games. Many online casinos also have apps you can download and they give you access to all of their games.

How to know if a casino offers mobile gaming?

Our guide details all the features of an online casino which we review. We will usually mention if the casino has an app for cell or mobile phones, as well as if it’s an Android or iPhone app. You can also visit the ‘download’ section of online casino to find out for yourself. Make sure to read our in-depth casino guides for specific details. Our mobile casino guides also layout other details about the casinos we review which you may find interesting and useful.


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