Basic Guide to Play Keno

Keno is quite simply and very similar to a lottery game. Traditional casinos that host keno games use a circular glass enclosure that is called a “bubble”. This bubble contains 80 balls and is used to determine the ball draw results. Every ball has a number from 1 through to 80. You then choose any number you want, a lot like the lottery. You can bet to on any number from 1 number right up to 10 various numbers. 20 numbers at random are called out by the casino.

You will win or lose depending on the numbers you choose, if some of the numbers you pick are selected, for instance, you will win and if not then you obviously lose. The drawer draws the balls by pushing air into the bubble in order to mix them up. Then a “caller” will press the lever in order to open the tube where then the balls lift into a large “V” shaped transparent tube called “rabbit ears”. The caller works alongside a verifier to record every one of the 20 balls drawn, with a computerized keno system calculating all the wagers based on the numbers drawn.

How to Play Keno Online?

Though there are a number of online casinos that use vivid graphics and detailed menus, the fact is that playing keno online is as easy as playing offline. When playing at an online casino, players are required to pick a certain amount that they want to bet. The minimum bet can be anywhere from a cent all the way up to $20. Once you’ve placed a bet you choose “Quick Pick” or “Manual pick“. The first option automatically and randomly picks the numbers for you. The “Manual pick” option allows you to pick your own numbers. You just need to click on the numbers you want.

Once all the numbers you want to play have been chosen you’ll see three buttons at the bottom i.e. Play 1, Play 10 or Play 5. These mainly refer to the rounds of the game. So for instance, if you want to play 10 rounds you do not have to click the ‘Play’ button 10 times at the end of every round. Click the Play 10 button once and allow the game to run through each round and keep track of what you won in every round. All the numbers that come up are highlighted, while your winning numbers are in bold or some other color. Your winnings are then tallied automatically and credited to you.

Playing Keno Offline/Regular Casino

The game at an offline casino starts with a Keno sheet. This is a sheet with numbers from 1 to 80. Most casinos hand out special booklets that have a list of special rules and advertize their latest promotions in regards to the game. So, always ask the casino to give you one and make sure to read through it. The next step is to mark all the numbers you want. You can pick up to 10 numbers, use a crayon to mark the numbers by simply putting an ‘X’ through the number. You will also need to mark how much you want to play and how many games you intent of playing. Also, indicate the total numbers you’ve selected, for instance, 8 numbers – all of this will have to be put on the keno sheet.

Once you have filled the sheet it will have to be taken to the keno writer who sits at a counter or the person who is collecting all the keno sheets, these people are often called ‘keno runners’. In exchange for the sheet you will get a ticket that shows all the numbers that you want to play and the total bet amount. Now all you need to do is to sit back and listen to the numbers being called or watch the numbers on the large board in front of you light up. If you win, then hand the ticket to the keno runner or take it to the casino counter where you will be paid.


Keno like all other casino games is a game of chance, but it’s also very easy to play mainly because the casino does everything for you. However, before you go ahead and play keno with real money we strongly advise that you play a few free games available online. The advantage of playing keno online is that you’ll get to understand how the system works. Also, keep in mind the fact that though there are various superstitions associated with the game, those superstitions should never get to you.

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