Online Slot Machine Guide


Slot machine have long been a favorite game for people who are frequent visitor in regular casinos. The thrill of standing the chance to win potentially thousands of dollars with one bet is a feeling which is hard to shake for many people to this day.

Playing Online Slots

Over the years there have been a number of different variations of traditional slots and with video slot machines games have been taken to new levels. People, who play slots at casinos across the world, can choose from what many believe to be hundreds of different variations, each having something different, yet significant to offer. The most popular though are progressive slots. That said if you are a fan of real money games, we strongly encourage you to continue reading our detailed online Slots Strategy guide.

The vast majority of the latest slots, which allow you to play real money games in a multitude of variations, have been inspired by the original or traditional slot machines. Video slot machines, for instance, are directly modeled after their offline counterparts. Plus the large selection of various types of slots, that offer real money games, number in the hundreds. This is why our online slots review helps players make sense of all the different variations available.

Seven & Stripes Slot Machine

Seven Stripes SlotsThat said there is more to it with some slot machines than this. A popular slot machine often found in land based and online casinos is the famous Seven & Stripes. You start by putting your money into the machine, choose exactly how many credits you wish to bet, the max at times is just 3 credits and so it’s always a good idea to bet the max. Then you spin and continue to spin until you win.


Shopping Spree Slots

Shopping Spree SlotsThe other popular type is the Shopping Spree slots. This type of slot machine game offers you an array of lines at which you can choose to play, plus these machines have five different reels too. There are a total of 9 lines which you can play and you have the opportunity to bet right up to 45 credits for every spin. These machines are primarily the same as classic slots, but with slightly more glamour. These machines have a jackpot ticker, located at the bottom, which is the progressive jackpot ticker. Most machines have this ticker since they motivate you to bet more to stand a chance to win more money.

Fruit Machines

Fruit MachineThese are essentially the same as regular slot machines except for the Nudge or Hold buttons. These buttons allow you to hold one reel which unlocks the bonus feature. The Nudge feature allows you to move one reel down one rotation. One game can have multiple nudges. So, if there is a cherry symbol on the second reel, you can nudge that down in order to get three cherries and win.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive SlotsThis is a term often used to describe winning the jackpot on the slot machine, after it increases multiple times. Usually, players, that play over and over again, will witness that the jackpot gets progressively larger with these types of online slot games. The increase is often at a certain percentage, which is dependent on various factors, like how much money you have bet and how much money is in the pot. Usually winners of a large jackpot would have had to place the minimum bet which varies quite a bit from one machine to the next.

There are essentially 3 different types of progressive jackpot slot games. Though their basic mechanics are the same but their scale of operation varies quite a bit.

  • Stand-alone progressive jackpot slots are fueled by only what players have in that specific machine. So, if a player bets $10, and there is just $500 in the machine, then the only jackpot will be $20.
  • In house progressive slots jackpots machines, which are attached to a network of other machines, and their jackpot are fuelled by the whole network. At times, these may include machines which are at different physical locations too, but operated by the same company. This type of networking allows the jackpot to grow considerably and very rapidly, that keeps players hooked.
  • Wide area progressive slot machines will include a network of numerous slot machines, which are owned by different casinos. The advantage there is that the jackpot is very large, often in the hundreds of dollars range at the very least. Plus there are hundreds, if not millions, added to these machines each day. So, winning a jackpot here is competitive, because of everyone contributing to the large prize.

The Pros of Progressive Jackpots

  • One of the biggest pros, is the lure of being able to win hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars after you’ve placed a bet of just a few dollars.
  • There are some casinos that offer memberships into their slot clubs. These clubs offer players a certain percentage back for any wages they have lost, which is often in the form of cash.

The Cons of Progressive Slots

  • One of the biggest cons here, is that the odds of winning are slim for the average person, especially if you have your eyes on the large jackpot. Though the overall pot of wide area and in house slots looks impressive, the fact is that they are being funded by players across the network. Plus even the largest jackpot is just a fraction of what is being entered into the machines.
  • These machines are purely based on luck / chance. There is nothing you can do to improve your odds of winning by placing a bet or pulling hard on the handle for instance. So, if you need six cherries to win the jackpot there is a slim chance that you will get all six in a row, plus the chances are reduced based on the number of symbols on the reel.


Slots are one of the easiest and most popular of online and offline casino games to date. The beauty of slots lay in the simplicity of execution and the fact that anyone can win big money in just a few minutes. Though strategies can be employed to play slots online, this is still a simple game and does not require that you master every aspect of it to be a winner.

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