How to Play Video Poker Online


It really goes without saying that video poker online has of late become the all-time gambling favorite for seasoned casino goers. Though generally speaking poker is a slow game compared to other games offered by most casinos but it happens to be the most fun too. A online video poker game can easily be tailored to a specific environment or playing style. This was the original vision behind video poker when it was created in order to fill the void for a growing number of people who loved playing traditional poker but wanted something which was more fast-paced.

Numerous variations of video poker ensures that you continue to remain entertained regardless of you play online or at a regular casino. Plus the latest technology along with the Internet have made these machines much more effective at emulating real games and players.

Different Types of Video Poker Online Betting

Two Pairs Video PokerThe vast majority of video poker games online and machines use two types of betting. The initial bet is the standard across all games. The subsequent or second bet is the bonus game and the amount can vary quite a bit.

The initial bet you make is the wager or stake in the game. It is primarily how much you want to bet on the hand that you have. The initial bet is essentially the same across almost all variants of the game. So, you place a wager when the game starts, you are dealt up to five cards, you choose the cards you want to hold and discard the ones you do not and get more cards in exchange. That said you are not always paid your winnings straight away, and this is where the second type of bet comes in. If you manage to win the hand then you have the option of a bonus game where you stand the chance to essentially double your winnings. The majority of video poker online games will allow you to bet anywhere from 1 to 5 credits. 5 credits usually means you have better odds on the high end of the payout, so always make the highest bet.

Odds & House Advantage

Video Poker Odds‘House Advantage’ quite literally means the advantage that the house has over the game. This means that a house advantage of 2% means that the online or regular casino will retain up to 2% of your bet. So the House Advantage represents the percentage of the wager that the casino retains. Though this percentage is easier to calculate with games like roulette, it can be a bit difficult for other games. Though regardless it merely represents the price a player pays for playing a game at the casino.

The major difference with Video poker’s house advantage is that there is no built in profit on each bet. So, each time the player plays he has a chance to either win or lose the bet. It is similar to the probability of tossing a coin and its probability of either turning up heads or tails. So, if the player betted $1 and won $1 he is at true odds with the casino. But if the player gets $ .95 instead of the dollar then the house edge is 2.5%.

Odds primarily refer to a player’s chances of winning, in Video Poker online they happen to be based on the player’s skills. Usually the odds are 50/50 each time a hand is dealt.


Video poker is a fun game for beginners and advanced players alike. Unlike other casino games, players get to play at their own pace and bet what they can afford. Though, we strongly advise that you play a few free games if you are new to master the strategies we’ve discussed before playing with real money games.

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