Global Poker League To Be Launched in August or September

Alex Dreyfus, a founder of the Global Poker Index, recently announced that his new team-based poker tournament, Global Poker League, is set to launch in either August or September 2015. It follows the successful Global Poker Masters, which Alex started previously.

GPI Global Poker League

New Sponsorship

The Global Poker League is looking to change the poker tournament format completely. This competition is set to feature eight sponsored teams, each of which will have seven players. The teams will compete for a rather hefty prize pool, with the majority of the cash being donated by Global Poker Index (around $5 million) and the sponsors of the tournament. The players will not be expected to pay any money to play in the Global Poker League. All costs involved will be covered by the team’s sponsor.

According to pokerfuse, Alex Dreyfus expects that not all teams will be named after theirs sponsors because he wants to change some “some clichés”. Instead, he has been negotiating with the leading online operators in US and Europe to have some general partnership.

Despite being a fairly new tournament, there are already four sponsors on board, with more anticipated to sign up over the coming weeks. This is mostly down to the fact that Alex has a decent reputation in the poker industry.

New Tournament Format

The Global Poker League is anticipated to take place over ten weeks. The first ‘order of the day’ will involve team owners or sponsors, selecting their teams in a ‘draft’. At least three of the players for each team will be picked from the GPI 300 or GP 500. This means that viewers of the tournament can expect successful tournament players in the mix. A further two members will be wildcards while the final two will earn their right to play through a variety of different events being held in the run-up to the tournament.

The Global Poker Index is planning to stream all tournament matches live on Twitch, a site that has attracted a flurry of live streaming poker players. According to Alex Dreyfus, the intention is to allow the tournament to reach mainstream audiences, something that many poker tournaments in recent years have struggled.

Jessica Newman

Jessica Newman

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