Online Casino Terms

If you are new to on-line casinos and need a little help understanding some of the basic terminology, this glossary is a great place to help you get started. We also offer you to look on our specific casino terms regarding each game:

Jackpot: A large amount of winnings (money, for example) derived from gambling. This term is often applied to winnings accumulated in the game of Slots or Poker. It is also often applied to the largest prize available to be won in a game of Bingo.

Progressive Jackpots: The jackpot that accumulates while playing a gaming machine. This kind of jackpot increases with each played game until it is won.

Pay Out: The funds paid from winning a game. A payout is usually paid in one lump sum or in portions over time.

Pay Out Ratio: The amount of winnings a player anticipates winning back over time.

Betting: Risking money on a game of chance.

Odds: The probability or likelihood of a specific outcome of a game or other situation, which is based on the unique factors within that game or situation.

Strategy: A system or plan of action designed to achieve a desired outcome.

Advantage Player: A player who has developed an understanding of games of chance and therefore is able to legally increase his chances of winning based on his understanding. This usually involves a high level of mathematical ability.

House Advantage: The advantage a casino (or house) has over the odds and winnings of a game over a period of time. Based on mathematical principles.

Common Gambling Games

Texas Hold ‘Em: A specific type of poker/card game played according to a specific set of rules where players receive two cards facing downward. The players then combine these cards with other cards that are dealt, facing upwards, from the remainder of the deck. The goal for each player is to create the best possible combination of cards according to the rules and values of the game. Two cards are discarded from the group of seven to create a hand of five cards.

Roulette: A gaming device made up of a ball and a wheel that is numbered and colored. The wheel is designed to spin while players place bets on where the ball placed within the spinning wheel will land.

Craps: A gambling game that involves the rolling of two dice. Specific number combinations represent either a win, a repeated roll, or a lose. Rolls with the value of 7 or 11 are considered a win. Rolls of 2, 3, or 12 are considered losing roles. Rolls with any other combination are to be repeated.

Keno: A game of chance involving the selection of numbers matching the numbers represented on a game card.

Black Jack: A game involving playing cards where players attempt to assemble a set of 2 or more cards that add up to a value of 21. Values above 21 are considered a loss. In this game the players play against the dealer of the cards, but they do not play against each other.

Slots: A cash or token operated machine that plays a gambling game using a handle system to a spin a device (spinning wheels, for example) within the machine. The devices have various images applied to them. A win is represented by a spin that creates matching combinations of the images on the devices. If the images do not match it is considered a lose.

Video Poker: A computerized gambling machine typically found in casinos. It involves a form of virtual poker that is played with five cards. To play the game, players insert money into the machine similar to the method used in slot machines. The player then places bets using credits purchased with that money. The players are dealt their cards when they press the “deal” button on the screen. There is given the option to discard one or all of their cards in exchange for new cards from the deck. At this point, the computer determines if the player’s hand is a winning or losing hand. The machine gives the payout according to the player’s winnings. Payouts are shown on the pay table.

Bingo: A popular game where players mark off numbers on a card. These numbers are given to the players through a caller who chooses the numbers to be played at random. A win is represented by the marking off of numbers in a specific pattern such as a straight line, a diagonal line, four corners, and so on.

Common Tools of the Trade

Live Dealers: Real (not virtual) dealers who interact with players as they play games in real time, through the process of video streaming via the Internet.

Pay Table: A chart or table on a video poker machine that shows specific details about the payouts of the game.

Playing Cards: A group of 52 rectangle cards with four different groups of suits and symbols or values applied to them. These suits are hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs. Each group consists of 13 cards numbered or labeled starting with the number 2, 3, 4 and so on up until number 10. At that point, the card values change to Jack, Queen, King, and Ace.

Real Time: An event that happens in actual time as opposed to being a recorded event.

Video Streaming: Content that is transmitted by specialized cameras via the Internet that can be viewed in real time.

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