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Mobile Casino

Your favorite casino games can now be played on your mobile device. Whether you use an Android or an iPhone, you will definitely find the game for you. The online casino is a recent development as its transition to mobile started in 2005 with Playtech and Microgaming, two of the largest players in the industry, officially launching their games on various mobile platforms. However, most online casino games have made the smooth transition to your mobile device with no negative effect on graphics and gameplay. Now, there is no need to be confined in one place to be able to enjoy the best games online casinos can offer you. Read on to learn everything you need to know with this mobile casino guide.

To get started on the mobile casinos experience, you may check out the top casino applications, we have reviewed, that are available for different devices like Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones, and even iPad gadgets.

Mobile Casino Games and Your Internet Connection

An important note whenever you play online is to use a secure Internet connection. Wi-fi use is preferred so that the chance of getting disconnected is minimized. Wi-fi networks found in public places may indeed provide a strong connection, but always remember that hacking through open connections is a common practice by people who are up to no good. When using mobile data, be sure you are signed up to a flexible data plan because the intense exchange of information can lead to massive phone bills if you are not subscribed to a plan.

When played on your mobile browser, you will see that many online casinos also offer secure connections using the “https” protocol. You will know is the site uses this safety feature in the URL. Sites using “https” can conduct transactions and keep information locked away much better than regular http sites.

Instant Play on Mobile

If you are already signed up with your preferred online casino, you can use the same login details to get started on your mobile device. Any progress made through your mobile device will reflect on your profile once you log in from your home PC. Meanwhile, casual players don’t need to be signed and may opt to play the free Instant Play versions of online casino games using a mobile browser. These versions do not need to be downloaded but there are slight limitations to the games that can be played and certain functions.

How to Play: Where to Go: Sign up: Features: Best for:
Instant Play Mobile Browser Not Needed Limited Features Casual Players
Downloaded App Google Play Store Preferred Complete Features Real Money Play

On the other hand, there are some apps that will require you to download their full versions on your device by going to your device’s respective online store—for example Google Play or the App Store. Many online casinos also offer their official apps as direct downloads from their websites. You may also check out the top casino apps we have reviewed that are available on the mobile device of your choice.

Available Online Casino Bonuses

To encourage more people to join, many competitive bonuses are offered by online casinos. Most of these bonuses typically cost money but sign-up bonuses give them all away for free. The list of the most common bonuses online casinos give are:

Bonus Type Description
No Deposit Bonus No cash out to sign up with online casino
Free Spin/Chips Additional spins and chips to play at no extra cost
Real Money Use to bet and win real money

The best apps to play on mobile are the ones which have an easy user interface, graphics display, game themes, and are compatible with most operating systems. Several apps have distinguished themselves and so far the best examples are:

App Name Compatible OS Internet Connection Required? (Y/N)
Jackpot City Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry Yes
Gaming Club Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry Yes
Party Casino Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry Yes
Royal Vegas Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry Yes

Specific Android and iOS apps are discussed in our Android Casino Guide and iPhone/Ipad Casino Guides. The offline games compatible with each OS are discussed in these pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my data secure?

A: Yes, Microgaming/Spin3 and IGT are used by the most reputable online casinos around. These work by encrypting your data to prevent third parties from tracking your movements and sensitive information.

Q: Are mobile versions exactly the same as PC versions?

A: No. There are differences but most downloaded versions still offer the full range of features you need. Our website has a mobile casino guides that will show you a step by step process in playing using your mobile device.

Q: What happens if I lose connection or get a call mid-game?

A: Online casinos keep a limited archive of the information you send and receive. Any progress made in the middle of a game is saved and the resolution of a wager, for example, can be viewed upon returning or logging back in.

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