Advanced Ipad Casino Guide

Thanks to technological advancements, mobile devices such as the cellular phone and tablet have become quite the multi-tasker. Not only can they be used for what they were meant forIpad Casino (calls, texts, photography, document review, games, etc.), they can also be used as gambling platforms nowadays. The iPad is a tablet computer that runs on the iOS operating system, designed by Apple. Its user interface includes a virtual keyboard, and is built around a multi-touch screen. It is a device that can shoot photos, take videos, play music, perform internet functions, and can be used for different applications – such as fun games and Ipad casino apps.

We have an available list of the most accessible games available that is based on location, whether you are looking for Instant Play or Full Download apps. With quite a number of casino apps available, we have also prepared a review of some of the best casino apps downloadable today. In our reviews, we provided a brief history of the app, showcased the apps’ features, and identified which operating systems or mobile devices the apps run on.

Top iPad Casino Apps

There are a two different ways you can play your favorite casino games online – one is through Instant Play via the casino’s website, and the other is by downloading the casino app from the App Store.

How to Play: Where to Go: Sign Up: Features: Best for:
Instant Play Mobile Browser No Limited Casual Play
Downloaded App App Store Preferred Complete Play for Money

When you play for money, it is often required to create an account with the Ipad casino. Also, note that when creating an account, you would be asked to input certain information such as your personal and banking details.

For online casinos, these transactions are under the Payforit service and allows for both prepaid and postpaid devices to pay app fees. Prepaid transactions are known as Pay As you Go and postpaid payment is known as a monthly contract.

Apps are also restricted to certain geographical locations. These are added to the existing permissions that require age and identity verification to prevent underage gambling. For more information on permissions, visit the app’s website.

Here are three of the top Ipad casino apps:

App Compatible Operating Systems Internet Connection Requirement? (Y/N) Can use phone bill to pay (Payforit)? (Y/N) iOS Compatibility
Jackpot City Android, iOS, Blackberry Yes Yes iOS 5.0 or later
Gaming Club Android, iOS, Blackberry Yes Yes iOS 5.0 or later
Party Casino Android, iOS, Blackbery Yes Yes iOS 5.0 or later

Security Issues

With all the hacking and viruses around, it is possible for an online gambler to worry about sharing his or her personal and credit card information online. There are a number of ways to keep your money and identity safe when engaging in mobile gambling:

  • Try sticking to mobile casino sites that are backed by highly reputable software providers such as Playtech and Microgaming.
  • Check for the legality of the site or application by looking for its license number.
  • Read the platform’s privacy policy.
  • If you’re feeling a little iffy about entering credit card information, try other types of payment like PayPal, Skrill, etc.
  • Get your device an anti-virus protection application.
  • Don’t enter secured information when you’re using unsecured internet connections such as free wi-fi or public places.
  • Use https:// instead of http:// for added security.

Offline Casino Games

Offline casino games are also available for download. These apps are usually used for casual gaming and not real money gambling, and they don’t require the user to create an account.


Name of App Offline Play? (Y/N) Free to Play? (Y/N) iOS Compatibility
Titan’s Way (Slots) Yes Yes iOS 4.3 or later
Texas Holdem Poker Yes Yes iOS 5.0 or later
DoubleDown Casino Yes Yes iOS 5.0 or later

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will answering calls and/or texts disrupt my game?

A: No. Similar to any other app, returning to the app after a call or text will just put you back where you left off.

Q: If I lose my connection while playing the game, will I lose my coins?

A: Some apps have an auto recovery or archiving of some sorts to serve this particular purpose. The resolution of a bet will be displayed in your screen upon logging in again.

Q: Can I play even if I don’t have an internet connection?

A: There are some games that can be played even without connecting to the internet. However, to be able to download these apps, an internet connection is required.

Q: Will my iPad play games exactly like the desktop versions?

A: No, since not all features can be accommodated in the user interface but all essential in-game functions can still be used.

Q: Is my online profile the same across all devices?

A: Yes. Only one account is allowed per person. Syncing all your devices will automatically update any changes in your account.

Q: Is my credit card information safe online?

A: Make sure you only enter secured information such as credit card details when you have secure connection (such as personal internet via 3G or 4G, home wifi, etc.) In most trusted mobile gaming apps however, information is secure.

Q: How secure is my data?

A: Modern secure software by Microgaming/Spin3 and IGT are used to make sure that any and all data sent is encrypted, preventing third parties from seeing anything.

Q: Can I play on other devices if I deposit using my Ipad?

A: Logging into the same account through a different device will show changes or any movement done to your account using a different device, so yes.

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