Essential IPhone Casino Guide

With the overwhelming popularity of the smart phone and tablet people now have access to full featured online casino games which work seamlessly with both iPhone and iPad devices.Iphone Casino Touch screen devices run by what is known as Direct Manipulation. This modern development allows interaction, moving, rotating, and any kind of command on your Apple device with your fingertips. This article serves as your all-in-one iPhone casino guide.

We display the most accessible games to you based on location, whether you are looking for Instant Play or Full Download apps. Check our game selection to see which ones require Internet connection and if they will play on your iOS version. We make sure that the games we offer will play on most iPhones and iPads.

When it comes to available casino apps, we have prepared a review of some of the best casino apps today. In our reviews, we provided a brief history of the app, showcased the apps’ features, and identified which operating system, or mobile device, the apps run on. In addition, we also cited information on the different bonuses and promotions the apps have. Lastly, we also shared the steps involved in downloading and installing the apps

How to Play at iPhone Casino

Casual players will love the Instant Play versions of online casinos, while serious players who bet real money will benefit greatly from the full downloaded versions. Instant Play versions can be accessed through a mobile browser. While the apps can be downloaded from the App Store.

This iPhone casino guide recommends downloading the appto the App Store to see the complete list of available online casinos. Take your pick and click install. Please note that only one account can be made per person.

Player Type Best Version to Play Features Sign up
Casual Instant Play in Browser Limited Games and Features Not needed
Serious Full Downloaded App Full Range of Features Preferred

Best App Features

Signup bonuses are also a common feature of mobile casinos. These bonuses are given to potential players to encourage more to sign up. Clearly, the more bonuses offered, the better the incentive to join:

Bonus Type Description
No Deposit Bonus No cash out for registration
Free Spins or Coins Spins and coins used in-game at no cost
Real Money Actual cash for betting online

There are apps which simply work better than others. Some essential criteria to look out for your iPhone casino downloads are:

  • Wide variety of games
  • User-friendly interface
  • Complete in-game features
  • Secure transactions
  • 24/7 customer support

It is very common paying purchases made using your iPhone. For online casinos, these transactions are under the Payforit service and allows for both prepaid and postpaid devices to pay app fees. Prepaid transactions are known as Pay As you Go and postpaid payment is known as a monthly contract. As a general rule, if your iPhone can handle playing an online casino, then you can use the Payforit service:

App Compatible Operating Systems Internet Connection Requirement? (Y/N) Can use phone bill to pay (Payforit)? (Y/N) Minimum OS Needed
Jackpot City Android, iOS, Blackberry Yes Yes IOS 3
Gaming Club Android, iOS, Blackberry Yes Yes IOS 3
Party Casino Android, iOS, Blackberry Yes Yes IOS 3
Royal Vegas Android, iOS, Blackberry, Java Yes Yes IOS 3

Connection Reminders

First tip is to always use a Wi-fi connection. Secure home networks are best used because public hotspots may be vulnerable to hacker attack. Your sensitive information like email passwords and credit card details may be used by unwanted third parties this way.

Mobile data is another option to play online. It is best to be subscribed to a data plan. The huge amount of information passed back and forth can leave you with an unusually large phone bill at the end of the month.

When using your browser, online casino sites that have “https” at the beginning of their link are also safer to use than sites which use the regular http protocol. Check by looking at the URL and seeing if https is shown at the start. Safer transactions and encrypted data are the advantages to https sites.

Offline Games

Another great option for you is to play offline games. These games do not need an Internet connection to be played and are best used for practice or casual gaming. Good example games are:

Name of App Offline Play? (Y/N) Free to Play? (Y/N) Minimum iOS Version Required
Titan’s Way (Slots) Yes Yes IOS 4.3 or higher
Texas Hold’em Poker Yes Yes IOS 5.0 or higher

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I lose connection in the middle of my game, will I lose my coins?

A: Online casino apps archive some of your information for this exact purpose. The resolution of a bet will be displayed in your screen after your call or upon logging in again.

Q: Will my iPhone play games exactly like desktop versions?

A: No. Not all features can be accommodated in the user interface but all essential in-game functions can still be used.

Q: How secure is my data?

A: Modern secure software by Microgaming/Spin3 and IGT are used to make sure that any and all data sent is encrypted, preventing third parties from seeing anything.

Q: If I deposit from my phone, can I play on my laptop?

A: If you are signed in to an online casino app, all transactions and in-game progress are synced. You will see all changes upon logging back in from a different device.

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