Myrtle Beach Man Finds and Claims $1M Lottery Ticket from June

The owner of the $1M Powerball ticket purchased in Myrtle Beach has finally claimed the grand prize after more than a month of ignorance that he has become a millionaire.

Powerbal Llottery

Unexpected Pleasure

A man from Myrtle Beach has recently found the $1M Powerball ticket after seeking for it in the stack of his old lottery tickets. The winning ticket was for the June 6 lottery drawing and was purchased at the Scotchman 3225 on Postal Way in Myrtle Beach.

It took more than a month for the newly-minted Powerball millionaire to discover that he had scooped the prize. Lottery officials claim that the man thought he could be the winner after he heard about the unclaimed Powerball ticket, purchased at the area, where he bought his ticket for the June draw.

Having looked through the huddle of his old tickets, the winner found his winning ticket. Officials say the winning numbers of the ticket were 43, 27, 18, 13, 8 with the Powerball number of 15.

The lucky winner and his wife are going to spend the grand prize for their retirement and are considering buying a new house.

Jessica Newman

Jessica Newman

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