New Zealand Online Casinos Best Guide

new zealand online casinos

New Zealand online casinos have become pretty popular for an array of reasons. One big reason being that all time popular games like online pokies (slots), Roulette, video poker and Blackjack can now be played by the majority of people from the comfort of their homes or vehicles. That said the nature of online gambling in general dictates that players only limit themselves to playing at sites or casinos that they can trust. So, in order to find and highlight the best online casinos for players in New Zealand we put together a team of experienced New Zealanders to evaluate the top 100 casinos who cater to players in the country. We then listed the top 10 based on their findings.

Some outstanding features of the websites we have evaluated and ranked as the best in general are:

  • Players can play games securely, deposit money in NZD dollars and even withdraw in their native currency.
  • These casinos are known to be trusted and are established businesses.
  • All casinos listed offer blackjack, pokies, video poker and roulette among many other games.

How we evaluated and found the best New Zealand online casinos?

Best NZ Casinos Evaluated

We already know that the vast majority of players in New Zealand play the most popular games. However, the online gambling scene in NZ is a bit tricky which means that there are in fact just a few really good online casinos who can cater directly to people who live within the country. Many of the websites our experts evaluated did not accept NZ dollar, some also blocked NZ players from depositing real money and playing real money games. Also, many websites do not allow players to download their software. So, we were left with an unusually small pool of sites which truly catered to people in NZ.

Acceptance of NZ dollar – If you are serious about New Zealand online casinos it would be a good idea to check out our online gambling guide for Australians. However, we have listed the best gambling sites which accept NZ dollar. There are just a handful of casinos that accept this currency but the fact is that being able to play in NZ dollars is a lot easier for people in the country since they do not have to bear the hassle of conversions.

Bankroll management – We evaluated each site and awarded points to sites catering to people in New Zealand who offered bankroll management tools. However, we would like to point out that even though gambling is not a national problem in NZ the fact remains that bankroll management helps players securely manage how much they play based on their budget. This is also a requirement by the NZ Gambling Commission.

Security – We have tested and ensured that all the sites we list are secure, and use the latest encryption technology. The same goes for sites that offer apps which can be downloaded to mobile phones.


NZ Gambling Questions Asked by Players (FAQ)

NZ Gambling FAQ

Is Internet gambling legal within New Zealand?

Well it’s not illegal but there is litigation in place which greatly restricts internet casinos. However, you can play at online casinos without breaking any laws in the country. The only reason why you would be worried about breaking laws is if you wanted to operate New Zealand gambling sites or advertise it. It goes without saying that nobody has ever been charged for playing online roulette, blackjack or poker.

Do Kiwis need to pay taxes on their online casino winnings?

Not really! Your winnings are only considered taxable income if you are a professional gambler or are regarded as one. As long as your web based gambling is for fun and hobby purposes you do not need to pay taxes. That said if you are not sure always have an attorney take a look at your case to give you a definite answer on this one.

How to know that the sites are safe?

The sites that we list and rank are safe to begin with. However, in general safety should be your biggest concern and it’s hard to determine the extent to which the sites you want to play at are safe. You need to take a look their auditing guidelines, regulation and overall business history. We urge players to take advantage of our experienced reviewers who have put together a list of the best New Zealand online casinos for you.

What payment options do I have as a Kiwi?

Most online casinos offer players three major options among a few others. These options are eWallet services, wire transfers and Credit Cards. Even though credit cards are no doubt the most convenient way to fund your hobby but many in NZ may not work for online transactions. So, if you find that your credit card is not working then wire transfer is a good alternative especially when you’re considering larger transfers but these take up to a week to clear. Another faster alternative is an eWallet. Leading eWallet providers in NZ are Click2Pay, Neteller, Bpay, etc.

How do I claim these welcome bonuses?

Many online casinos that we’ve ranked are famous for offering really large welcome or signup bonuses as they are called. If you play with any one of our recommended operators redeeming presently active promotions are easy and there is no hidden agenda. In the majority of cases players will need to present a bonus code but many sites will also automatically credit the bonus to your account when you deposit real money into it. However, to claim the bonus you need to wager in order to meet their specific play through stipulation, but this is a fair figure if you are dealing with a reliable casino operator.

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