Casino Bonuses: VIP Schemes

VIP Schemes

To reward the most loyal and regular customers casinos often use special VIP promotions like advanced bonuses and generous prizes. The diversity of VIP schemes depends on each casino, but there is one thing that is common for all them – becoming a VIP allows the players to gain much more promotions that ordinary ones get.

How do players Get VIP Schemes?

Different casinos have different rules of how the players can get VIP status. Some casinos even do not make these rules visible, that is why some players believe their stakes are not high enough to be a VIP.

Generally, the possible requirements to become VIP can include:

  • Registration and the first deposit.

  • Regularly gambling.

  • A certain amount of loyalty comp points accumulated (for instance, 20,000).

  • Certain amount of deposits made (for example, $3,000).

  • Invitations from other VIP players.

After the player meets the requirements, usually, he may see the news about his new status inside the personal account. In some casinos special managers contact directly to the VIP clients by phone or mail.

The Perks of Becoming a VIP Player

While VIP schemes can vary depending on the casino, there are additional benefits of becoming a VIP that often depends on your VIP level (rank). The more the player gambles, the higher VIP level he can reach, getting more bonuses and rewards like:

  • Faster cash withdrawals.

  • Advanced comp point conversion rates.

  • Exclusive bonuses.

  • Prestigious tournament entries or prize drawings.

  • Personal manager.

  • Generous birthday gifts.


VIP schemes are the perfect tool for active gamblers who want to get more rewards. So, if you often play and spend much of cash, VIP schemes are definitely for you. Here are some casinos we recommend you to look for the interesting VIP offers: Planet 7 Casino with 5 VIP levels and, William Hill Casino  offering 4 VIP levels.

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